At LurningHub we understand how expensive Indian International Schools are in Singapore and how critical quality education is. We have worked hard to keep LurningHub services as affordable we possibly could. To serve the community and inculcate social learning behaviour, we have kept our Question Answer Forum completely free.


LurningHub’s committed to provide quality online tuition at a fraction of standard tuition fee in Singapore.



We provide flexible monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans. You may choose 1 subject or multiple subjects to learn.



Make monthly payment with one of the safest and reliable payment gateway Paypal.

Monthly Pricing Plans

Get 8 classes a month (2 classes per week) for each subject signed up. We courage students to choose 2 classes of same subject atleast 1-2 days apart so that they get time to absord what they learn. With the gap they get sufficient time to complete any assignment given in the class.

Online School

For One Subject

  • $150 per month for upto grade 8
  • $170 per month for grade 9 onwards
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For Two Subjects

  • $290 per month for upto grade 8
  • $330 per month for grade 9 onwards
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For More Subjects

  • $140 per month per additional
  • subject after 2 subjects