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Introducing Free "Lurning All About" Open Class SeriesAbout 4 months ago

Dear Parent,

We're so proud to introduce LurningHub's free "Lurning All About" class series. In these free open to all classes  our expert teacher pick one topic to teach and explain the topic in great details from basics to advanced levels. These classes specifically include tough and tricky concepts which most students struggle with or find confusing. 

Aim of the class to strengthen the basic concepts of a given topic. Once students get the basics correctly then it become very easy for them to understand complex topics which essentially are extension of  the basic concepts. 

These are live interactive classes by LurningHub teachers. Student would be able ask questions at the end of the session through live chat with our teacher so all are encouraged to bring in any question they have around the topic.

We'll be having these classes every 1-2 week's interval. First open class of this series "Lurning All About Numbers" is scheduled next week 20th May 2020 from 6:00-7:00pm. Suitable for students from grade 6 to 9 and to anyone passionate about numbers, covering number system, rational number, fraction, exponents etc. 

Please email us or register directly at www.lurninghub.com for access. Do share it with your family and acquaintances.

See you all in the class :)


Thank you,

Team LurningHub