Challenges faced by Indian Parents for Education in Singapore


Usually perceived as the lucky ones children who feel blessed to leave the Indian seas and move overseas enjoy the ecstasy of the freshness abroad. The parents whose base have always been the Indian hues they have been struggling to adjust in the new environment and adapting the relative culture. The parents vision is to provide the child with the best education and keeping the essence of Indian culture intact in them. Therefore, they aim to put them in Indian schools based in abroad. Even though they have the aspiration of propelling the Indian aura in them they are pulled back due to certain pointers like:

  • High Cost of Education

The Indian schools in Singapore are a bit steep in terms of cost even though worthy to attend. They can empty a part of your pockets that can be a trouble for you. Instead of handling your expenses your focus and worry will rise towards the schooling price solely. Hence, you have an alternative for the same issue that can help you maintain your expenses not leading them to be extravagant. Choosing online education can be a great benefit and will help you cut down costs too.

  • Travel Issues

The culture people follow in Singapore is to travel from public transport rather than owning a vehicle as it makes it easier and also time-saving to reach their required destination. So many parents prefer to move the location close to school but for many that not really feasible if parents work location is other side of the island so they opt for school transportation, which not only waste good amount of time but expensive also. Same situation arise when student want to take tuition classes after school. On this disadvantage, we again have got you covered by this commendable solution of giving online education the preference it doesnt actually get. Online education doesn’t require any travelling and sitting at home without a parents worry a child can gain a good education.

  • Time management

Time is money but do you actually think it helps you manage all your chores and listed things quite well? When you are living abroad it takes time to get acquainted with the roads and the routes. Along with that, no one would ever want to hamper their childs education just because of this worry. Usually, the issue comes up when both parents are working and the time clashes, at last, it is all about how you will pick your child from the school because if they are being released at 3:30 pm it takes 1+ hours to reach home. The later part becomes even tougher when the child immediately has to attend the extra classes but travelling already drains so much energy, it becomes difficult to do the same. Here enters the saviour, online education a solution to all these problems. If pursuing studies online, parents can work free-minded and manage their time conveniently. 

When you came across these points didnt it sound relevant to you? How easy the life of parents can become and the child when online education is something they opt for instead of burning their pockets on a schooling that will only be tiresome for both the child and the parents.

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