New Education Policy- We’re Ready, Are You?


Replacing a 34-year-old education policy is a huge step forward. The new policy aims to bring a vibrant effect in the world of education focusing on practical and vocational knowledge + learning in the 21st Century. This highly focuses on extracting and putting forth the unique and special abilities of a child that will help them decide their career path conveniently. The structure has been replaced by 5+3+3+4 where it segments the students of respective ages that start from 3-8 years then 8-11 years moving onto 11-14 years and at last 14-18 years. It is presenting the four stages from foundational to preparatory to the middle to secondary in which all these age groups fall. It has not only improvised the school sector but also the college sector as well. 

NEP, which stands for the National Education Policy is mainly aiming at making “India a global knowledge superpower”. This is the third time that education policy is experiencing a change in its structure moving forward to make education simple and effective for the future generation.

It used to be very rare when a student was provided diverse career options without judgment of choosing any field. Now with this new policy, the switch has flipped and versatility has come on board in terms of choosing the subjects a student prefers to study. This will help them make a choice related to their career path and acquaint them with their A-game. NEP also planned to introduce professional counsellors for all the students to bring clarity and help them in decision making. Moreover, various languages will also be added as an option if one is interested in it alongside other subjects as well. This aims to decrease rigidity and all unnecessary compulsions that barricade a student’s career path. 

When a child will be rigorously exposed to all this, automatically the pressure rate will fall off the meter and there will be an increasing ineffectiveness. Since quality education is the main agenda now in both student's and teacher’s life it provides you those wings to be independent enough and gain clarity for your career path by making you aware of the talents you possess. National Education Policy of 2020 is playing a significant role by expanding their horizons on a wider base and allowing the students to make education more about them rather than all about passing a grade and moving forward. 

LurningHub here is focusing on adopting this policy and structuring into our process of teaching the students with the same process by following this revolutionized policy thoroughly. Our teachers are all geared up and preparing themselves to inculcate this system and introduce it to the students so that they can implement it for better results not only subject-wise but also for their careers ahead. It is important to acquaint the child with this new anatomy of education and we at LurningHub are giving our best to incorporate it closely.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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