The Other Side of Digital Education


It is said that technology will never and can never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher is transformational. We shouldn't think of technology in education as suplement of our great teachers and gurus but rather a tool for them that complement them and help them to be more effective and efficient.

Digital education is the innovative use of digital tools and technologies during teaching and learning and is often referred to as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or e-Learning (Source: Wikipedia). Digital education is evolving thoroughly to make it beneficial for students to blend in with studies conveniently. Online studying provides a very flexible schedule for students and makes it comfortable for parents as well. Lurninghub contradicts the myth that most parents have regarding digital education. Here we do not waste the student’s time as we ensure high-quality study with a frisky environment. The high-spirited approach of study attracts the attention of students and in turn, feeds their curiosity more and more. Teachers here are very consistent and disciplined when it comes to understanding the mind structure of a child. They tend to match up with their frequency, may it be too low or too fast. One needs to embrace technology to make learning more engaging, as student engagement is a must because from there the actual learning starts.
There are many benefits that a student, parent as well as teacher can enjoy. Here are some points to prove the same:

  1. Flexibility
  2. The one thing that every parent and student craves in tuition classes is flexible time, place, and lesson. With online tuition classes, one can study anytime and anywhere. There is no such restriction to study a particular chapter that is being taught in the class. The child can study a particular topic again and again and even move on to the next one without any being pulled back.

  3. Regular communication with the tutor
  4. With online classes, the student can clear their doubts anytime throughout the day and do not have to wait for the next session to clear their doubts. 

  5. Pocket-Friendly
  6. Studying at home has its perks as you can save a lot of your money from traveling. Online classes cost much less than a personal tutor.

  7. Every Parent’s Choice
  8. The majority of parents love online classes as it is cost and time effective and also makes it easier to monitor their child’s studies and growth. They can keep an eye on their child while doing household chores. 

Technology is needed in every classroom and with every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper for the previous times, and it is the lens through which one experiences more about the world. LurningHub provides every student with a high quality experience and helps students engage more into learning.


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