How Social Learning Can Change The Face Of Education


We have always associated school children spending time on the internet as being a bad thing. Because it suggests that they are talking to strangers online or watching cat videos or binge-watching episodes – basically anything but studying. We want to bring to you a community of teachers, students and parents, in a platform or a forum where you can have a conversation or discussion about education and all its related facets.

Social Learning can be the next big thing in the Indian education system, waiting to just gain wider acceptance from all of us. India has come a long way when it comes to internet penetration. Students are increasingly taking the help of online videos and other resources and materials for studying. It is only a matter of time when this online education replaces tuitions after school. In an online social learning setup, students have the facility to connect with the best teachers and experts from across locations. Social learning system fosters collaborative learning wherein the students identify themselves with virtual learning groups and learn and grow together with the online community. Community-based online learning has been found to be more effective than traditional classroom based learning.

Today’s trend is that a student completes school for 6-8 hours in a day, and then come homes and goes to his or her tuitions for the next 2-4 hours. This is an alarming trend and leaves not much scope for self-learning at home. It is also extremely stressful and unhealthy as far as mental health goes.

Also, the tuitions themselves matter a lot too – usually they are too overcrowded or the student is not able to understand anything according to his needs. If you see other students faring well and scoring good marks and they seem to know everything in the tuition, this gives a jolt as to why you are not able to understand the same material. This can really kill all the confidence and add to the stress.

At the end of the day, it is about real time contact with professionals/tutors. If there are any doubts related to homework or assignment, students or parents can simply post on the forum. This is quick and easy as you don’t have to travel, can have the help in the comfort of your home. Even other students can also answer any queries if they know the answer.

This is less time consuming and less tiring than going to tuition. It saves the time and energy of the students so they can make better use of their time. One thing parents fear is that being online would make the children get carried away, but the use of Social Learning in a controlled manner can actually be very helpful.

With such an online presence of students, parents can monitor their academic progress instead of checking their notebooks or waiting for a Parent Teacher Meeting at school. Students can easily switch to more options that suits them best unlike conventional tuitions where if they don’t approve of the teacher, they mostly hit a dead end.

Before exams the parents ask the students to shut off their laptops and submit their phones. But now plethora of information and study material is available online. You can find tutors online who can clear any doubts, and give you step-by-step guidance. There are mobile apps too that provide on-the-go tips and advice on how to crack competitive exams. However, this trend has to grow for a school education ecosystem.


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